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Sabo44: Terrible Feelings: Impending Doom 7"

Terrible Feelings’ date of birth was sometime during the fall of 2009, in

Malmö, Sweden. Anton and Manuela had been set on trying out new stuff that

was different from their previous band constellations, and recruited Andy and

Willy along the way. In April 2010 the band released a four-song demo, to some pretty rave

reviews. Since then, they’ve played all over Sweden and Germany, and shared stages with a variety of bands; Cheap Time, Cola Freaks, Screaming Females, and Tyvek, among others.

The spring of 2011 saw the release of two 7”s. Tied Up on Timmeheiehumme

Records from Germany, and Impending Doom, a co-release between Sabotage

Records and Manuela’s own Lack Of Sleep imprint.

Someone described the music as “Loud, dark, therapeutic, and rough around

the edges”, and Anton once said he played “black angst-ridden power pop.” Both quotes sum up Terrible Feelings pretty well. Place their sound somewhere in the wastelands between Wipers, Redd Kross, Ebba Grön and Murder City Devils.

In June they’ll embark on a three week European tour, which will take them through Germany, France, Spain and Switzerland. A Japanese release on the label Donuts Pop is scheduled for early fall 2011, and Scotch Tapes from Canada will release the demo tracks on tape and flexi disc sometime soon.

Terrible Feelings –

Impending Doom (b/w Death To Everyone)

Released in April 2011.

Vinyl 7-inch single (2 songs, 45 rpm).

Sabotage Records / Lack Of Sleep Records.

500 copies, 100 with green cover.


download it here

buy it here

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