Mittwoch, 13. April 2011

Cat Party: S/T LP

Once again Flat Black is branching out from the so cal hardcore that they usually release. Cat Party’s first full length comes to us after an impressive debut EP and split 7” and displays a sound that reflects the gloomy hypnotism of bands like The Wipers or Joy Division. This also has some great guitar work that not only resonates with a Greg Sage influence but hints of early Christian Death can be found in the guitar playing. The vocals have that classically cool vibe of greats like Rik L. Rik with a solid rhythm section holding it all together and giving the tunes a nice backbeat. Whatever tags you want to put on it; post punk, new wave, punk, it doesn’t matter, they seamlessly bring together some of the best elements in music and bring a sound that is Cat Party. LP and CD differ a little bit in the track listing so check out both.

download here

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