Sonntag, 15. August 2010

Sabo27: Team Robespierre: Everything's Perfect LP

Formed in Brooklyn during the winter of 2005, the members of Team Robespierre were

initially connected by their roots - having all grew up in similar punk rock scenes in New

York, Denver, Minnesota, Texas, Poland and Jersey, playing in bands like Thulsa Doom,

Morning Glory and Hipster Bloodbath. But as Rex, Tom, Ty, Mike and Jim got older their

record collections expanded to include noise, indie, electro and new wave among other

genres. All and none of these genres can be heard in their recordings or live shows. But

what comes across most when seeing these guys is their raw energy and unwillingness to

separate themselves from the crowd. With asound that melds the future and the past,

the Team brings back memories of 80s new wave and 90s hardcore, with the ability to

share stages with bands as diverse as Dan Deacon, Japanther, An Albatross, Leftover

Crack, Parts And Labor, Best Fwends, USA Is A Monster, Japanther and Kylesa. Having

already embarked on 3 tours in 2007, and recently enlisting a live drummer to add

another layer to their complex electro-punk arrangements, the Team felt the timing was

right to record an album's worth of material. With the help of Colin Marston (Orthrelm,

Ghengis Tron, Stay Fucked), Team Robespierre spent most of their summer recording an

album and playing dance parties.

Powered by a dirty punk rock ethos, synth hooks and programmed dance beats, Team

Robespierre has helped resurrect a Brooklyn punk scene that has been waiting to

embrace the raw energy of our nation's basements and late night warehouse dance

parties. With a sound that melds the future and the past, the Team brings back

memories of 80s new wave and 90s hardcore, and after IMPOSE owner Derek Evers saw

them play a show in the spring of 2007, he ended up so drenched in beer and human

sweat that he had to sign these guys – making "Everything's Perfect" the first official fulllength

for both the band and the label.

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