Sonntag, 15. August 2010

Sabo13: Hero Dishonest: When the shit hits the man lp

Finland's hardest working and touring thrash unit, Hero Dishonest, has

released its 4th and by far the strongest album of its 7 years long

career. After around 300 shows in Scandinavia, middle Europe, UK, Russia

and USA the band is tighter than ever and what also sets it apart from the

grey mass of today's hardcore thrash, smart in its song writing.

"When The Shit Hits The Man" consists of 26 minutes and 21 tracks of

raging hardcore punk thrash that doesn't limit itself to just being fast

at all times but also knows when to slow down and to bring in the widest

influences from the 30 years of punk history. The band doesn't just speed

up the old school Black Flag riffs but also nods its head towards both old

and new innovators like Big Boys and Wrangler Brutes.

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