Freitag, 15. Oktober 2010

Sabo30: Digger Barnes: Time has come

DIGGER BARNES is a German singer/songwriter, performer and sideman of Chuck Ragan (HOT WATER MUSIC) and THE REVIVALTOUR, an annual traveling alliance of the North American folkpunk scene, where he shared stages with Tim Barry (AVAIL), Ben Nichols (LUCERO), Tom Gabel (AGAINST ME), Austin Lucas, Frank Turner, Jesse Malin and others. With his debut TIME HAS COME he recorded a modern americana-album of great diversity and with strong, dark vibes. Style, taste and musical understatement are the secret ingredients of his very own gumbo out of folk, indie, gospel, rockabilly, pop and country. Stories about loners, losers and shady characters of all kinds build the center of the Digger Barnes World which has a visual counterpart in the paintings of PENCIL QUINCY, Digger' s partner-in-crime for many years.

CD comes as digipack, vinyl with badass 350g cover.

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