Sonntag, 22. August 2010

Sabo33: Dramamine: S/T LP

"Dramamine is a medicament that was converted into active drug usage by

some resourceful junkies decades ago. The effect can be described as some

kind of escapism into an imaginary world, or – in a positive sense –

as some kind of introverted ecstasy. This young band from Germany could be the soundtrack for these specific moods as of now. Loud, noisy, then with a certain pop-affinity, minimalistic, but in the very next second pretentious, doomy and oozing with pathos. A heavy, deep bass, which you will not only feel through your ears; guitars, which you will find hard to classify; a krauty drumming with an obvious love for details – all this put together with resentful, hectic vocals, which will finally leave you asking for more. You’re going to realise very quickly that these musicians have used the years they’ve spend in other bands to learn how to communicate in their

own special language – although the sound that we’re talking about here emanates from a different awareness; this doesn’t sound like an intersection of Press Gang, Idle Hands, etc. Here the instruments don’t get touched, they’re being cleaved to. Experience it live or on record, afterwards everything will be quieter. It’s 2010, and you might think that the creative reservoir of noisy and drugged guitar music has been exhausted for a long time now: Dramamine prove you wrong!"

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