Montag, 9. August 2010

Sabo20: Coldbringer: Lust and Ambition 12"

"Eight song 12" EP. For those of you not familiar with Coldbringer, they feature members

of From Ashes Rise, Hellshock, Call The Police, the Del Toros, and Talk Is Poison. They

play a style of melodic hardcore that draws from influences like Naked Raygun,

Leatherface, Husker Du and the Wipers, but is all their own at the same time."

I’ve been getting a fair number of records these days with hand-screened covers and the

Coldbringer LP has some striking artwork. A stingingly melodic punk sound that sounds

like a cross between Born Dead Icons’ doomy sound with Leatherface’s tuneful

properties. Vocalist John Wilkerson (formerly with From Ashes Rise) has Frankie Stubbs’

timbre, albeit in a lower register. I know comparisons suck but that’s the best way I can

describe it. The people in this band have played in more “crusty” or thrashy bands and

this marks a departure away from D-beat and epic qualities. A warmth along with the

power and vigor.

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